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Athletes Are Made Not Born


 The Butch Seewagen Tennis Academy is where athletes are made not born! With age-appropriate equipment and court size, the program is scaled to the child’s abilities leading to improved self-confidence. We are an official site for the USTA Net Generation's Tennis 10 & Under Initiative.  The best kids' tennis around!

Play with a Purpose Philosophy


 Where children play with a purpose in order to learn the major sport skill sets that will lead them to enjoy and excel in sports. 

Cross-training creates competent athletes. 

CATS put the fun into kids' sports!

Sport Specific Classes



In CATS’ basketball and hockey kids will work on their locomotor skills (primarily walking, running, jumping) along with sport skills.

For basketball, the gym will be set up as a: throwing ball circuit, playground, etc. Next the kids will stretch and do cone work: for example, running with a ball held overhead, underhand, or chest. CATS’ skills practiced are bounce-catch, dribbling, passing shooting all while having Fun.

For Hockey, the kids will warm up by flipping cones, up or down, with their hockey sticks. Next, is stretching to song. The fun comes in when they get goals never knowing that they had practiced stickhandling, passing, shooting, & trapping 


 For over 75 years, the Seewagen Family, renown in the world of tennis, has known that physical competence

empowers children to develop a healthy self-esteem.

In 1984, CATS: Children's Athletic Training School, Inc. developed a unique cross training curriculum with the assumption

that if a child achieves success the child will have more fun.  

Kids' sports equal fun! The more success a child has the more fun the child will have leading to a lifelong love of being active.


Butch Seewagen,  a former elementary school teacher and U.S. National Amateur Champion. Ranked among the world’s top 70 professionals, he competed at Wimbledon, French and U.S. Opens. Coach of four players who reached ATP top 50. 

Former coach of Ivy League Champion Columbia University. (Inducted into Columbia University Athletics Hall of Fame 2018)

Member of USTA Eastern Tennis Hall of Fame.

Co-founder of the Children’s Athletic Training School, Inc. (CATS New York) with sister, Barbara Seewagen Steger former U.S. Top 20 Junior.